UK: Sussex – Local Residents In Spat With Law Firm Who’s Fining Them For Using Firm’s Carpark

Everybody love a bit of local news especially when it combines parking , law firms and the co-op!

Sussex Express reports

Solicitor Rita Sen, of Coole Bevis LLP, has responded to residents complaining about ‘unneighbourly’ fines for using the private car park in front of the company office on Nyetimber Lane.

Residents have called the £100 fines ‘shocking’ and ‘unpleasant’, claiming they spoil a sense of togetherness essential to Rose Green’s semi-rural community.

One resident, Angela MacTavish, said she was fined on December 30, despite the fact that the she only spent five minutes in the nearby Co-Op, and the car park was only being used by one other car.

She said she’d parked in the forecourt before – often on quiet weekends – without issue, adding: “I was shocked by the excessive amount of the fine, possibly acceptable in Coole Bevis’s urban offices in Brighton, Horsham, Hove and Worthing but not in the semi-rural crossroad community of Rose Green.”

But Mrs Sen said the fines, which were introduced towards the end of last year, are a last resort. The solicitors office has been on Nyetimber Lane since 2003 and the forecourt, she said, has been private for a very long time. The fines are simply the latest in a series of attempts to secure the parking spaces for clients and staff.

“I don’t want anyone to get a ticket. I would just like people to know that it’s private – but it was always being disregarded. We tried concrete bollards, we put big white signs up on the forecourt saying ‘private’, we had lines marked up for us, we tried putting a chain across. And all of them were knocked over or driven over, or whatever. People just wouldn’t pay attention.

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