UK Pensioner racks up £42,000 in library late fees – after returning “The Law For Motorists” 58 years too late to Dudley Library

We haven’t had a late library return story for quite sometime !

David Hickman was just 17 when he borrowed The Law For Motorists from a library in 1964.

A pensioner could have been slapped with over £42,000 in late fees after returning an overdue library book 58 years late. The perpetrator was relieved that the workers “saw the funny side” and did not issue the fine.

David Hickman was 17-years-old when he first borrowed The Law For Motorists from Dudley Library in 1964. He sought the guide following a car accident involving the town’s mayor.

He had crashed into a vehicle owned by Councillor W.G.K Griffiths after waving to a group of teenagers from Dudley High School for Girls. David was arrested and subsequently convicted of driving without due care and attention despite his attempts to swat up on the law with the library book.

The now 76-year-old had forgotten to return it after he lost the case and took it with him when he moved from Dudley to Battersea in London in 1970. But with his tail tucked between his legs, David returned to his hometown and gave it back in person.