UK: Legal Tech Talk is Coming

Yes there’s a bit of a push from me on this one as i’m hosting a fantastic cannabis & the law panel.. but also it’s not your usual cannabis tech dullards event.. lots of different and interesting topics are being broached and rarely for me i’m really looking forward to sitting in on some of the panels


So, there’s been some big news for LegalTechTalk 2024 recently. We’ve launched the full agenda, over 900 companies have already confirmed their attendance, the event app goes live next week, PLUS the major announcement of the first 280 speakers to join us in London on 13-14th June!

AGENDA At LegalTechTalk, our agenda sessions are set out to be more intimate, more in-depth, and more impactful than ever seen before! We’re bringing together true industry experts, people who are driving progress, disrupting norms, and who can boldly share their unique findings with the world. See the full agenda.

900 COMPANIES have already confirmed their attendance at LegalTechTalk 2024. We’re talking a wide range of leading in-house and law firm teams, trailblazing LegalTechs, and a long list of investors looking to tap into one of THE most evolving industries! See a scrambled list here.

EVENT APP will go live next week. The event app will elevate your event experience tremendously! Use the app to pre-plan 1-1 meetings with 2,500 other industry leaders to get designated timeslots and meeting spots, or build your own event schedule and make sure to not miss those of our 80+ sessions you just can’t miss!

Tickets go to full price on May 31st so if you haven’t already, make sure to grab your ticket today to join us on 13-14th June at Europe’s Event for Legal Transformation as we celebrate this remarkable coalition of 2,500+ industry leaders, innovators, and trailblazers who are shaping the future of law.