UK Law Soc Library Has Some Duplicate Titles To Give Away

Here’s’s their list, be warned mainly Tolley’s stuff. The amount of Tolley’s that go on the scrapheap on an annual basis never ceases to amaze us. Why mountaineers spend all that money going to Nepal I don’t know. They should should reserve a spot in Derbyshire dump all the duplicate and unwanted Tolleys there and soon you’d have Europe’s highest mountain.


The Law Society had a big office clear out last year and all the books were sent to the Library.

After sorting them all out, we now have a large collection of duplicates on offer free to a good home.

I will be sending out short lists over the next few weeks so they manageable.

DX preferable please.

Tolleys Corporation Tax 2000-01

Tolleys Capital Gains Tax 2001-02

Tolleys Income Tax 2000-01

Tolleys Inheritance Tax 2000-01

Tolleys Orange Tax Handbook  2007-08

Tolleys Value Added Tax  2009 (2nd ed)

Tolleys Value Added Tax  2010-11 (2nd ed)

Tolleys Value Added Tax  2011-12 (2nd ed)

Tolleys Value Added Tax  2012-13 (2nd ed)

Tolleys Value Added Tax  2013-14 (2nd ed)

Tolleys Yellow Tax Handbook 2007-08 Part 1A, 1B, 2 and 3

Accounting Board Standards, The Future of Financial reporting in the UK and Republic of Ireland 43 and 44 – Part 1, 2 and Appendices  (October 2010)

Training Contract & Pupillage Handbook 2011

Training Contract & Pupillage Handbook 2012

Who’s Who 2004

Who’s Who 2005

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