UK Law Firm, Maguire Family Law, Celebrates National Biscuit Day

We’re glad in all the chaos of 2020 that national biscuit day hasn’t been forgotten …

Here’s a little missive from Maguire Law Firm in the UK appropos of nothing in particular !

Today is National Biscuit Day!

At Maguire Family Law we love a good biscuit. And as every biscuit connoisseur knows, there’s a biscuit for every situation. As a bit of Friday fun, we thought we’d share our top 5 situations where a biscuit really fits with what we do:

Party Rings: Congratulations! You’re engaged! Many couples will find a more extravagant way to celebrate their engagement, and the ring itself is unlikely to be edible, but we couldn’t ignore the symbolism here. For some further points you might want to consider if you do get engaged, take a look at our blog here.

Oreo: Oreo is the bestselling cookie brand in the US and has made it into our top biscuits for its symbolism of the foreign element to our work. We deal with cases where parties have connections to all sorts of different legal jurisdictions. Where one party is connected to the USA, it’s not enough to get advice from any American attorney, it’s important that clients seek advice from someone who has specific knowledge of the law as it applies in the US state in question. From our experience, it seems as though the law can vary greatly from state to state.

Jammy Dodgers: When we advise clients in relation to the financial aspects of their divorce, we emphasise the importance of financial disclosure. We want clients to be able to make an informed decision; and the more information we have about a couple’s finances, the more we can advise on the potential outcomes. Unfortunately, there are those cases where one party is a bit of a jammy dodger, failing to provide information when requested either on a voluntary basis or through the courts.

Jaffa Cakes: One court case which has perhaps made it into the public arena was United Biscuits (LON/91/0160) where a decision had to be made as to whether a Jaffa Cake was actually a cake or a biscuit. In family law, the decisions to be made are not necessarily as binary and not every case has to go to court. When looking at finances, the key consideration is what is fair between the parties; in situations involving children, it’s about what’s in the children’s best interests. We encourage clients to remain open as to the potential ways of resolving a case by agreement, although we understand how difficult this can be, particularly where the circumstances of a couples’ separation have polarised their positions.

Rich Tea biscuit: It might not be your usual go to biscuit, but if there’s a biscuit to get into hot water with, then it’s a Rich Tea. These classic biscuits consistently come out at the top of the rankings for their resilience to dunking in cups of tea. At the heart of our work at Maguire Family Law is ensuring that clients feel supported in through their case. We might be taking the biscuit theme a little far, but as your solicitor we see ourselves as the biscuits that you can dunk in your tea who won’t crumble and get lost at the bottom of the mug!