UK: It’s a Right Hassle Leamington Spa Law Firm Has Website Cloned By ” mysterious person or group.”

Roll on Friday reports


Wright Hassall’s website has been cloned by a mysterious person or group.

The Leamington Spa based firm’s website has been renamed and rebranded by an imposter website called ‘Phil Large’, with huge chunks of the Wright Hassall site being replicated.

RollOnFriday was alerted to the site by a source, who speculated that the site may have been created an “ex employee with a grudge”.

While the scam name, Phil Large, sounds like it could be a WWE wrestler or a Plus-Size clothing brand, the source opined:  “It’s unlikely to be a coincidence that the domain name relates to the Managing Partner, Phil Wilding”. However, the identity of the scammer(s), their motives, and reason for the website’s branding all remain unclear. So the name may be nothing to do with the firm’s boss.

Anyway, here’s some of the dastardly cloning at work:

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