UK Heatwave News: Oxford Crown & County Court Judge Gets Ice Cream Van To Stop By At Lunch & Buys Everybody Something To Cool Down

The Law Gazette reports on a sweltering UK and one judges solution…

Day two of the heatwave, and members of the justice system will continue to sweat it out in courts across England and Wales.

Whatever measures you take to beat the heat, surely none will go down as well as the gesture from Her Honour Judge Melissa Clarke, the lead civil judge at Oxford Crown and County Court.

A ice cream van driver hands a 99 cone to a customer

‘Everyone likes an ice cream.’

Source: iStock

The Oxford Mail reported that the judge booked an ice cream van to visit the court over the lunch break on Monday and paid for staff and lawyers to enjoy a cold snack out of her own money.

Asked why she had done it, the judge simply replied: ‘Everyone likes an ice cream.’ We couldn’t agree more.

Naturally, the act of kindness was well received across social media on Monday evening when word spread about the judge’s action. With temperatures set to be even higher today, we look forward to more members of the judiciary dipping into their pockets to buy us each a Solero.