UK: Disgruntled McDonald’s worker quits to achieve his barrister dream

There are few feel-good stories these days so here’s one reported from Hull in the UK


University of Hull student has shared the inspirational story of how he went from a 16-year-old McDonald’s worker with no A-levels to studying to be a barrister at the age of 35.

After almost 20 years of working in retail, Lee Tilling reached a crossroads in his career. Having fallen out of love with his current job, he sat down with his wife to discuss his options.

t was a conversation that kick-started a new chapter in Lee’s life – one which would see him apply to study Law at the University of Hull, to pursue his dream of becoming a barrister.

The “father” of his university year shared his unusual journey into the legal sector.

“I started working at 16 for McDonald’s part-time, and got promoted very quickly. I became one of the youngest store managers for the company in the whole country,” Lee said.

“I decided, due to financial problems, to leave my A-Levels and focus on work – that was something I regretted for a long, long time afterwards.

“I rose through the ranks at McDonald’s, and then went on to run my own business for a period of time, but it came to a point where I wasn’t enjoying working in retail. It had just become a necessity due to having family commitments.”