UK David Lammy MP & Shadow Justice Minister: ‘The great story of the 20th century is how people acquired rights’

One day we hope this man will be Prime Minister…

The Times (UK) has interviewed and profiled our favourite UK Member of Parliament

David Lammy was the youngest MP when he won his Tottenham seat, aged 27, in a by-election in June 2000 after the death of Bernie Grant.

Never having been to Westminster before, he recalls the awesome and daunting experience of going to parliament, where he was one of only four ethnic minority MPs.

“It takes time to get used to the wheels within wheels in the corridors of power,” he says. Two decades later he has been appointed shadow lord chancellor and justice secretary by Sir Keir Starmer, QC. “I’ve probably worked it out and become part of the furniture,” Lammy adds.

The son of Guyanese immigrants and one of four siblings brought up by their mother, Lammy lived on a council estate in

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