UK Coventry Law School Student Launches Nike Sneakers To Build Conversation About Diversity & Inclusion In The Legal Industry

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Coventry University law graduate has designed a pair of Nike trainers which she hopes will be a “catalyst for conversations” around diversity and inclusion within the legal profession.

Aspiring lawyer and fashion blogger Jade Macpepple-Jaja created the limited-edition shoes through the ‘Nike By You Workshop’, a programme which selected 20 guest-designers to customise their own versions of the Nike Air Max 90 & Air Max 95.

After successfully applying for the exclusive workshop in March, Macpepple-Jaja crafted her footwear using Nike’s online studio. “As it was done virtually, we could only go by what we could see and the descriptions of the fabric, and therefore I tried to keep my design as simple as possible,” she told Legal Cheek.

Opting for the Nike Air Max 95, Macpepple-Jaja’s trainers feature minimalist nude tones contrasted against the striking black shoe tongue.

(image credit: Alejandra Chaparro)

While Macpepple-Jaja made the sneakers to be “both stylish and wearable”, she also hopes they can be a “catalyst for conversations” around diversity and inclusion, which have already been sparked recently through the global Black Lives Matter Movement.

Macpepple-Jaja, who has just finished the Legal Practice Course (LPC) at The University of Law, said:

“The sneaker drop has been a way to allow us as the designers to showcase our Unseen London and my London is all about being myself. A bold black woman from South London pursuing a professional career despite the odds stacked against me and the setbacks I have faced. My goal is to showcase that my sex, appearance, skin colour and personal style should not be a barrier as a young professional and creative in London.”

This message is reflected by her sneakers’ name, ‘INC.’, which is short for inclusion. “I knew I wanted the sneaker to represent what I passionate about and that is getting equal opportunities and further inclusivity in the legal and creative industry,” explained Macpepple-Jaja, who previously paralegalled at Wiggin.

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