UK: Cancellation chaos! Premier League is facing legal action with clubs angry at board’s handling of Covid postponements… and they are ready to act if the rules are changed

The Daily Mail

The Premier League could face legal action from clubs if they change the rules on Covid cancellations next week, with the season in danger of ending in a quagmire of injunctions and court cases.

Several clubs are furious at the perceived inconsistency in how the 22 postponed games so far have been handled. The issue came to a head last weekend after the north London derby was called off despite Arsenal having just one confirmed Covid case. Clubs are likely to consider legal action.

The Premier League clubs will meet in the next two weeks to discuss if the rules should be changed, with many feeling the spirit of the law is being stretched in a way in which it was never intended, potentially to cover suspensions and players absent because they are at the Africa Cup of Nations.

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