UK: Brick Court Hacked By Medusa –“the minutes for this meeting were very dull.”

Roll on Friday have the story and say a lot of the info hacked was very dull….

Cyber criminals published confidential information stolen from Brick Court Chambers as part of a huge alleged data theft, before removing it from public view.

Last week the chambers conceded that it was “aware of a potential cyber incident” and was “actively working with external cyber specialists to investigate the extent of any data breach”.

RollOnFriday can confirm that the Medusa ransomware group attacked the chambers, and that it claims to have stolen 141GB of the set’s information which it made available for anyone to download.

Risking a hard drive muckier than a wayward priest’s, ROF installed the anonymising Tor browser and surfed through the dark web to track down Medusa’s website.

Its front page displayed a running tally of the latest victims tagged with a ransom amount and a countdown clock, along with a list of the unfortunate organisations which did not pay on time and have had their stolen information released.

On Tuesday, the site showed that Brick Court’s data had been published. The relevant page had been viewed just over 1,000 times, though there was no indication of how many people, if any, had downloaded the data.

ROF abstained from a cheeky peek for reasons of not wanting to die in a supermax prison, but did browse 43 preview screenshots which Medusa posted to prove the veracity of its heist.


Believe it or not Medusa’s site comes with a copyright notice.

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