UK: Black trainee solicitor stopped by police for ‘looking suspicious’ on way to meet client


Seriously !! Suspicious in a smart suit.

As they say, it beggars belief


The Independent Newspaper writes..

Eldred Taylor-Camara was travelling to HMP Lewes when the incident took place, leaving him ‘stressed and physically shaken’

Black trainee solicitor has spoken out after he says he was stopped by five police officers for “looking suspicious” on his way to visit a client in prison.

Eldred Taylor-Camara, 26, of MTC Solicitors, was travelling to HMP Lewes, East Sussex, on the afternoon of 24 October when he was questioned by British Transport Police officers at Lewes railway station.

Dressed in a full suit, he said he was asked to account for his journey, including where it had started, its purpose and was asked to provide specific details such as locations and times, leaving him “stressed and physically shaken”.

When Mr Taylor-Camara answered their questions and asked why he was being interrogated, he said he was informed that he had been observed looking “lost” which “raised their suspicion” and was asked to provide ID.

The paralegal believes that he was racially profiled by the officers who, in his view, were unable to provide a “robust explanation” as to why he was stopped and subjected to “extensive questioning”. The police said they received “intelligence” about an “extremely violent” drug dealer in the area and he matched the description.