UK: 48% of law firms making mental health and wellbeing training a priority

Legal IT Professionals reports

Law firms in the UK have moved mental health and wellbeing and health and safety training up the agenda when it comes to legal learning, according to research by Access Legal.

The legal software provider, a division of The Access Group, surveyed more than 140 law firms of various sizes in November to delve deeper into their priorities for legal training, their top challenges for implementing training and what impact hybrid working has had on learning in the sector. It carried out the same survey in March this year with some notable changes in findings.

Although risk and compliance (69 per cent) and learning specific to the role (76 per cent) remain among the top three training priorities for law firms, mental health and wellbeing (48 per cent) and health and safety (35 per cent) have notably risen in importance, with the former making the top five.

The survey also found that many firms plan to put in place new hybrid working policies in the long-term. Significantly, only 32 per cent of firms plan to be fully office-based, compared with 86 per cent pre-pandemic. Interestingly, 66 per cent are aiming to practise hybrid-working models compared with only 9 per cent before the pandemic. There’s also a small percentage of firms who want to work entirely remotely (2 per cent).

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