UCLA Law School Cancels In-Person Class Amid Mass Shooting Threat

All classes at UCLA School of Law, and the rest of the university, will be held online after former lecturer and postdoctoral fellow Matthew Harris posted a video referencing a mass shooting and making specific threats against members of the philosophy department. As reported by the Los Angeles Times, a unified response from the university was lacking, with different departments canceling today’s in-person classes at different times — and well after Harris’s video and manifesto were circulating on social media.

Vice Dean David Marcus sent an email (available in full below) informing folks that in an “abundance of caution,” classes at the law school will be virtual today. But as a tipster reports, the response took some time:

Source & more at    https://abovethelaw.com/2022/02/elite-law-school-cancels-in-person-class-amid-mass-shooting-threat/