Turkish police officer reverses to run over Kurdish lawyer… says he heard voices in his head


A police officer who was detained for intentionally injuring a lawyer by running him over said he did it after hearing voices in his head.

A police officer who intentionally ran over and critically injured a lawyer in Turkey’s Kurdish-majority city of ??rnak (?irnex) on Sunday said he was mentally disturbed at the time of the incident, and that he was hearing voices in his head.

The incident occurred when Serkan Karaka?, a lawyer, had to stop his car around 10:30 am due to a technical problem, and got out to see what the problem was.

This was when the police officer, a superintendant in the ??rnak Police Department, drove past Karaka?, then stopped his car, went into reverse, and ran over Karaka?.

On Monday, Karaka?, who was left in a critical condition, with a fractured kneecap and ruptured ligament in his knee after the incident, had to have a lengthy surgical operation.

It has been reported that the operation was successful, although doctors noted that further operations might be required for a full recovery.



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