Turkish police attack ?zmir Bar Association with tear gas over LGBTI+ protest

Islamist and nationalist groups have threatened to attack LGBTI+ students from ?zmir’s Ege University when they announced the organization of the pride month picnic on the university campus on July 2. When the students canceled the picnic due to the threat of violence and wanted to make a statement at the Izmir Bar Association, they were attacked by the police with pepper spray.

The LGBTI+ students studying at Ege University in ?zmir province announced that they are organizing a picnic on their campus on June 2 to celebrate the arrival of Pride Month. Following the announcement of the event, nationalist and political Islamist groups, mainly belonging to the Turkish Youth Union (TGB) and the New Welfare Party (YRP), attacked the LGBTI+ students in the university on social media.

A group of TGB members on June 2 also made a press statement in front of the university to criminalize LGBTI+ students. The group demanded the “immediate” cancellation of the picnic, which they perceived as “the West’s imposition of LGBT and genderlessness” and “a threat to the family.”

After all these attacks, the Izmir Police also announced that they would not allow the event to take place. The students postponed the event due to possible attacks in and around the campus.

Students gathered in front of the ?zmir Bar Association to make a press statement about the attacks. The police blockaded the bar association building and cornered students along with lawyers. The police then proceeded to physically assault and use pepper spray against those in front of the building.

Despite the police attack, the students issued their press statement. Also, ?zmir Bar Association announced that they will file a criminal complaint against those involved in these attacks.



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Turkish police attack ?zmir Bar Association with tear gas over LGBTI+ protest