Turkey: Police beat lawyer Orhan Alphan in Courthouse

IAPL report

Lawyer Orhan Alphan, who tried to prevent the torture of a prisoner in Batman Courthouse, was subjected to police violence himself. Batman Bar Association strongly condemned the attack.

Lawyer Orhan Alphan, who wanted to prevent torture being carried out by police on a prisoner in Batman Courthouse, ended up being a victim of violence himself.

The incident took place in the corridors of the courthouse. The police responded to Alphan’s intervention with insults and then hit the lawyer. The face of Alphan was covered with blood.

After the violence, Alphan went to Batman Training and Research Hospital and received a report of assault.

Lawyer Alphan went back to the courthouse with the report and filed a criminal complaint against the police.

Reaction from Batman Bar

Batman Bar Association reacted to the incident. While the lawyers participated in the statement made in front of the courthouse dressed in their robes, Bar Association President Erkan ?enses said: “We will use all our legal rights to ensure the police officer is punished. We demand that the relevant officer be detained and arrested. We do not even want to think about what he did to the suspects in custody, considering that he treated a lawyer in this way in the middle of the courthouse.”



https://www.barobirlik.org.tr/Haberler/meslektasimiz-av-orhan-alphan-a-yapilan-saldiriyi-kiniyoruz-82602 (TURKCE)