Tunisia: Former Lawyers’ president Abderrazak Kilani faces fresh charges

The National Bar Association in Tunisia revealed that the former dean of Tunisian lawyers, Abderrazak Kilani, has been summoned by the 35th investigative judge of the Court of First Instance to respond to charges leveled against him.

Kilani, a prominent lawyer and human rights defender, faces allegations related to the dissemination of information through information systems, including personal data, and the dissemination of false information aimed at defaming and inciting hate speech against public figures, as outlined in Article 24 of Law No. 54. The hearing is scheduled for April 2.

This development marks a recurrent confrontation between Kilani and Tunisian authorities. Previously, on March 2, 2022, during his tenure as dean of lawyers in Tunis, Kilani faced legal action, including a prison deposit card, after being accused of participating in disruptive gatherings, insulting public officials, attempting to cause chaos, and inciting disobedience.

The recent summons stems from an incident on January 2, 2022, when Kilani was involved in a dispute with security personnel outside the “Habib Bouqtafa” hospital in Bizerte, where his client, Noureddine Bhiri, leader of the Ennahda movement, was under house arrest. Bhiri’s deteriorating health condition raised tensions, leading to Kilani’s altercation with security forces.

Despite the March 21, 2022, decision to release Kilani by the military investigative judge, concerns persist regarding the repeated targeting of Kilani by Tunisian authorities.


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Tunisia: Former Lawyers’ president Abderrazak Kilani faces fresh charges