Tulane Law professor and artist team up for legal DIY books for creatives

Making life a little easier for those in creative industries is the goal of a new book collaboration by Tulane Law Professor Elizabeth Townsend Gard and her offspring and artist, Sidne K. Gard.

The book is called Just Wanna Trademark for Makers (C&T Publishing) and is co-written by the duo. The book is designed by and for artists and creative entrepreneurs to navigate legal issues that arise from creative industries. Townsend Gard teaches intellectual property law at Tulane, and Gard is an artist earning their Bachelor’s in Fine Arts with emphasis in writing at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and is a former student at Tulane.

So, how did the book come about?

“We saw that a lot of entrepreneurs didn’t have access to concrete legal information that met them where they are,” explained Gard, “and we thought that if we took the work that Elizabeth does and paired it with language and images that make sense, we would have something.”

The book combines extensive legal research and over 400 interviews with makers, companies, lawyers and others.

“We’re really proud of the book,” said Townsend Gard.? “And it’s been a blast to work with Sid.”

“This book is important also because it bridges the gap between what we learn as academics and giving back to the community,” Townsend Gard added.

A few people have had a glimpse at part of the book, which will officially be published on September 25. But already it is the #1 Hot Trend for Trademark books on Amazon.

The book walks entrepreneurs and makers through the process of applying for a trademark at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. It is the first book of a larger series by Townsend Gard of legal DIY books for makers, artists, creatives and entrepreneurs.

The next part of this project?? A study on the impact of the book by observing the process and success of 100 trademark applications.

“We are hoping to glean insight into how providing legal information in this format assists with getting over the fear of applying for a trademark,” said Townsend Gard.

The study will begin in the Spring 2024.? Anyone interested in taking part in the study should reach out to Townsend Gard  [email protected].