Trayveon Williams, who is a running back for the Cincinnati Bengals to serve as an adjunct professor at Texas A&M

Above The Law

After one year of college athletes being able to earn compensation based on their fame through what many refer to as name, image, and likeness (NIL) deals, there is one glaring problem. Far too many athletes, sports agents, and lawyers have questions about the process, seek information about how to review and negotiate contracts, and desire assistance with financial decisions surrounding the currency they are now generating or managing.

Spreading education about issues surrounding NIL is not an easy task, and causing anyone to pay attention to what people have to say on the subject can also be a challenge. Sometimes, it is easier to cut through the noise when the information is being shared by someone who was in the listener’s shoes or at least in the shoes of the people that the service providers (i.e., lawyers) hope to represent, which is an experiment that is about to take place at Texas A&M.

Trayveon Williams, who is a running back for the Cincinnati Bengals, has committed himself to serve as an adjunct professor at Texas A&M, teaching a course on NIL athlete advocacy with sports attorney and sports business consultant Alex Sinatra by his side. It will be a course that is not just catered to current and former college athletes, but also to future lawyers and sports agents so that they understand and appreciate the best practices of representing their athlete clients, and that they should stay away from self-promotion that can put their athlete clients at risk of negative consequences.

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