TR Shovels Some Content From Westlaw Over To Practical Law To “Improve it”

It’ll also now, probably, put a bigger hole in your pocket.

Here at HOB we’ll be the first to admit we write some utter gumph from time to time but this treatise of a press release from TR may well be up for the award for the “What The Hell Are They On About” 2017 award.

As far as we can work out from the press release (below) they’ve dumped some Westlaw content into Practical Law to make it look more attractive to people who don’t subscribe to either?

And of course they leave it to para 5 before they hit you with it..The closer integration requires a subscription to both Practical Law and Westlaw UK


And its got all those great words we so love from a LN or Westlaw press release

  • Integration
  • Seamless
  • Enhancement
  • Precision
  • Confidence

Here’s the press release…

Thomson Reuters has enhanced its leading know-how service, Practical Law, by integrating a selection of content from its legal research solution, Westlaw UK. The closer integration bridges the gap between practical guidance and legal research and creates a more seamless experience between the two products.

The integration provides access to cases, legislation and journals from Westlaw UK within the legal knowledge environment offered by Practical Law, enabling legal professionals to delve deeper into the underlying legal authority and find answers to their most challenging legal issues.

“This latest enhancement to Practical Law comes at a time when our customers are operating in a challenging and increasingly uncertain climate,” said Andrew Buckley, head of product management for research and commentary at the Legal UK&I business of Thomson Reuters. “The need for precision and confidence has never been more important and the addition of legal research to Practical Law meets this demand, ensuring our customers have the information and insight they need in order to take the right actions.”

Following the launch of the enhancement, customers can browse and access a selection of full-text documents from more than 500,000 cases, as well as the latest changes in legislation and more than 100 journals from Westlaw UK, all within the same Practical Law environment and without the need to navigate between different product interfaces.

The closer integration requires a subscription to both Practical Law and Westlaw UK and provides three ways in which to access Westlaw UK content within the familiar and intuitive environment provided by Practical Law: ‘editors picks’ available on topic pages, customisable folders, and via existing links embedded within Practical Law documents.

‘Editor’s picks’ provides a curated view of Westlaw UK content created by the expert editorial team at Thomson Reuters. Resources within this curated view are listed under a separate Westlaw UK tab and highlight the most relevant case law, legislation materials and journals for a given topic within Practical Law.

Customisable folders enable a greater degree of personalisation of Westlaw UK documents. Users can collate research findings by saving primary and secondary source content to folders, along with their Practical Law content, and share documents and associated annotations with colleagues.

Hyperlinks within Practical Law documents take users directly to supporting cases and legislation without leaving the site, allowing users to delve deeper into their research and examine the law in more detail.

The closer integration is the latest in a series of product developments Thomson Reuters has introduced to Practical Law. Over the last 12 months, the company has introduced process-based matter maps within Practical Law that guide lawyers through key phases of work and tasks in more than 70 separate legal matters, added more than 300 new cross-order resources, and introduced improved document drafting tools through further integration with Contract Express.

To learn more about the latest development to Practical Law, visit:

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