Top UK University Law Library Ignored By Westlaw For Over Two Months – Desperate To Solve Problems By The Time Term Starts

The HOB mind boggles. One of the greatest law libraries in the world needs a problem solved and has to go to Lis-Law to see if anybody can help. You really have to wonder


We have been having problems linking to Westlaw UK from reading lists for a long time.  Despite actively pursuing Westlaw for a solution since June this year, we are no further along.  

We use Shibboleth to access Westlaw.  We don’t have an online reading list system, our reading lists are held in our virtual learning environment.

If you have a similar set-up and can successfully link to journal articles and cases in Westlaw UK please can you contact me.  Our term begins on 8th October so the problem is becoming ever more serious.

Many thanks