Top Five Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Every personal injury case is unique, though many fall into a few standard categories such as car accidents and medical negligence. The question for many is when you should hire a personal injury attorney. Here are the top five reasons to hire a personal injury attorney.

You’re In No Shape to Handle the Legal Aftermath

If you or a family member has suffered a personal brain injury, you’re in no shape to deal with the legal aftermath. If you’ve suffered a concussion or worse, you shouldn’t have to compile the necessary documentation for your case. You may not have the attention span or judgement to fill out paperwork to file a claim, much less sign a settlement agreement. Note that the same concerns are true if you’re loaded up on pain medication after an accident or injury or paralyzed by grief because a loved one has died. Hire a personal injury attorney from Baumgartner law firm so that you have a representative to take over these matters for you.


You Need Medical Attention and Can’t Get It

This is an unfortunately common problem. You need to be seen by a doctor to have your injuries assessed, but you’re afraid of the potential medical bills. After all, what if everything is fine? Or you’ve received basic care but can’t afford to get the surgeries and physical therapy you need. You can’t afford to wait for weeks or months for the insurance company to get around to paying you, assuming they don’t reject the claim. Talk to a personal injury lawyer so they can help you get the medical attention you need. This is especially true if your employer is trying to push worker’s compensation issues to your health insurer or your health insurer says it is a worker’s comp issue.

You Can’t Afford to Make a Mistake Personal injury cases are often settled far less than the actual damages. For example, individuals without legal representation regularly only take outstanding bills into account. They fail to take future claims into account. For example, they may ask for enough money to cover their medical bills, their car repair bills and the other costs that they’ve incurred to date. They don’t factor in future medical bills, ongoing care or future lost wages. Accept a settlement in full, and you may lose your ability to file for these additional damages. Consult with an attorney so you don’t make a major financial mistake.

You Have a Complex Case

It is possible for the average person to settle a minor personal injury case on their own. Get quotes from three mechanics, total up the cost to rent a car while yours is in the shop, and ask the other person to pay for it all. However, the average person lacks the expertise to pursue a complex case. Who do you file an insurance claim with when you’re hit by two different cars? What do you do when you’re hit by a commercial truck? Who is responsible for a medical mistake when you’re in the hospital? The facility may blame a nurse or surgeon, while they blame a caregiver or the patient themselves. When there are several parties involved, you need an attorney.

The Law Was Broken

Personal injury cases are sometimes tied to criminal cases. A classic example is when you’ve suffered damages when you were hit by a drunk driver or were a victim of an assault. Know that the criminal charges they face aid your case. And going to prison or facing stiff fines doesn’t absolve them of their responsibility to pay for the damages you’ve suffered.

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