Top 50 Law School To Slash Faculty And Staff Salaries, Conduct Furloughs

Above the Law reports…

Per the Arizona Daily Star, the University of Arizona — including the James E. Rogers College of Law — is expecting to face “extreme” economic consequences. The school is currently projected to lose as much as $250 million. Here’s the school’s plan:

Employees making at least $200,000 have to take a 20% pay cut, while those making between $150,001 and $199,999 have to take a 17% pay cut.

Those making between $75,001 and $150,000 will be required to take 39 furlough days, or 1.5 days per pay period, equivalent to a 15% salary cut; those making between $44,500 and $75,000 are required to take 26 furlough days, or one day per period, equivalent to a 10% cut; and those making $44,449 and under must take 13 furlough days, or a half-day per pay period, equivalent to a 5% cut.

Dean Marc Miller says he hasn’t heard of anything like this happening at other law schools. Arizona Law’s cuts are expected to begin May 11 and run through June 2021.