Top 5 Things You Must Know About Canadian Vaping Laws

Canadian vaping laws are liberal as of now, but there are some technicalities you must remember. If you are traveling to Canada or are even a resident of Canada, you should be aware of the regulations to vape and use only effective CBD vape pens.

Since there are some minor and major differences from the American vaping laws, it’s best to be careful. Read on to find out about the regulations regarding vaping and e-cigarettes for all regions in Canada.


Vaping is Currently Legal



Due to the high smoking rates in youth and alarming harmful effects of it, the Government of Canada decided to support vaping. It is how the 2018 Bill S-5 got passed. The bill started in 2016 and, after careful consideration, got passed in 2018.

The liberal laws aim to reduce smokers. Since smoking includes smoke that reaches your lungs, it is lethal. However, in vaping, it is merely water vapor that isn’t as harmful as a cigarette. So, to reduce the use of cigarettes and other nicotine products, vaping got legalized in Canada.

The market for vaping goods increased exponentially, and true to its purpose, cigarette use reduced. It’s a big step towards protecting citizens against harmful practices, even though vaping in itself is not perfectly safe.


Canada Strictly Opposes Minors Vaping

If you are an adult over the age of 18 years in Canada, you can vape legally. But Canada strictly prohibits minors from vaping or any such practices. Many surveys found out how trending cigarettes and e-cigarettes are amongst the youth, which is alarming.

The laws are strict and for a valid reason, too. Vaping isn’t proven to be safe yet, and with the addition of nicotine in vaping products, it becomes dangerous. It may not be as harmful as a regular cigarette but is harmful nevertheless. So as a minor in Canada, any vaping activity is illegal.

You have to wait till you are 18 to be able to vape. The laws even have strict regulations for the companies. The regulations require the product advertisement and marketing strategies to only target adult audiences. The companies cannot appeal to minors or children for their vaping products whatsoever.


Federal Laws and State Laws Differ

As is the case for the USA, Canada also has differing federal and state laws. Currently, federal regulations allow anyone over the age of 18 to vape all vaping products. It does not have any exceptions or regulations. But the federal law is one thing, and specific state laws are also necessary.

Some states have decided the age limit of vaping to be 19 years or older. In some states like Ontario, a minor cannot even enter a vape shop. Many states have also banned vaping in open and public spaces. It is to protect and respect the people who might be affected by such behavior in public. You can easily vape in any personal enclosed space legally.

The state laws have also made sure to do their best to protect youngsters from the vaping trend. In some states, you cannot vape in cars with children in them. But, again, these laws are state-specific. You can check the laws of your state and then vape accordingly.


Laws are Stricter for Tobacco Products



While cannabis products, especially those from industrial hemp, are safer, nicotine products are lethal. Substances like tobacco and nicotine are slow killers that cause cancer and many other diseases in users.

Thus, the laws against nicotine are strict in Canada. If your vaping product has a nicotine concentration of 20 mg/ml, then it is legal. But if any product exceeds that limit, then it is illegal. Make sure to check the ingredients and label of the vape juice or best nic salt juices to confirm that your product is below the legal level.

Apart from the concertation, the production conditions for such products are also strict. The producers need to maintain optimum production conditions and meet every minute requirement while making vaping products to ensure maximum safety.


Ban of 2022 for Flavored Products

Research work on vape users in Canada revealed how many young people and adults vape just for the taste or to fit in better. It meant that in some way, the flavors and sweet aftertastes acted as an encouraging factor. It is why the Government took immediate action on flavoring substances.


And true to the research, most users, especially underage ones, were fascinated by the innovative flavors. With all the artificial flavoring developed nowadays, vaping became more and more enjoyable for people and even more attractive for children. It is how the Government thought of creating a bill aiming at stopping such flavored products.


Though the process is still ongoing, the bill may get implicated in the next year. The move is under harsh criticism from the people and officials, but the ban is still very likely. It will include all flavored vaping products that are on the market. Thus, we have to wait and see how the situation develops further.



Vaping and e-cigarettes have not only been legal but popular in Canada after Bill S-5 got passed in 2018. If you are interested in vaping or are already a user of vapes, you need to be aware of laws for your benefit.

Whether it is a nicotine vape or a cannabis-based vape, there are multiple facts you need to keep in mind. It will ensure that you do not overlook any regulations and have a legal and safe vaping session in Canada.