Times (UK) Article: How do you bring war criminals to justice?

Out of 46 indictments for atrocities, 12 are on the run and just two are in prison. Policing the rules of war is no easy task

When the survivors of the Bucha massacre emerged last week to bury their dead, Artem Starosiek — 260 miles away in the Ukrainian city of Dnipro — was hunting the perpetrators.

The 30-year-old is chief executive of Molfar, a risk-assessment and analysis firm that normally deals with corporate clients. Since the invasion he has teamed up with thousands of researchers from around the world to help to investigate Russian war crimes.

“We’re using social media to track down the soldiers we know were in Bucha,” he says. “We’ve identified 80 out of 1,060 troops so far, working closely with the cyberpolice of Ukraine. We can get their phone numbers, addresses, families and even criminal records.”

War crimes are very hard to investigate and just as..

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