The Times…. They Are A Changing !

Sorry any excuse to use a song title as a headline….

The Weed Blog writes below… we wonder when the first ever Marijuana only law firm will come into play

Here’s some firm name suggestions

Hemp Lawyers

Furry Freaks Law Firm

Cheech & Chong LLC

Free White Fang LP “Full Time Freaks ” in the mail to the best Weed Law Firm Name Suggestion !

2014 NORML Aspen Legal Seminar Open For Registration
 Posted by Johnny Green on March 22, 2014 at 6:18 PM Major Cannabis Events Add comments
norml aspen legal seminarI’ve never been lucky enough to attend the NORML Aspen seminar in the past, and it looks like I won’t be going this year. But if you are able to go, I encourage you to do so because I’ve heard amazing things from previous attendees. Below is more about the event:

Dear NORML Supporters:

I am writing to remind everyone that the 2014 NORML Aspen Legal Seminar is live on the NORML website, and we are now accepting registrations online. Please register now and join us in Aspen for a great legal seminar and a lovely long weekend in the Rockies, where marijuana is now fully legal for everyone 21 and older, regardless of why you smoke or where you live. No physician’s recommendation needed.