Three Cheers For The Colorado Bar Association & His Law Firm- Colorado lawyer fired, suspended from bar for using AI in court

I don’t have a problem with him using the AI, but as the story says he didn’t check his work and then he blamed somebody else and denied initially using chat gpt. Now he’s started his own company and says. Sounds like he just doesn’t like working and just wants to sit back and count money. Yes Zachariah , we all wish the world was like that but unfortunately it isn’t.

Access to legal services has long been hindered by prohibitive costs and outmoded billing traditions, often sidelining those most in need. Championing technology like AI, from within the legal fraternity, could revolutionize this dynamic.

I started Av{AI}lable Legal Solutions, LLC to advocate for the incorporation of reliable AI tools to make justice more accessible. The pledge “justice for all” should be more than an ideal; with the advent of Artificial Intelligence, it can become a reality. And if honoring this pledge means my traditional legal role diminish or become altogether obsolete, so be it. It’s time to make justice av{AI}lable for all.

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A Colorado lawyer has been suspended from the bar and fired from his law firm after admitting to using the AI chatbot ChatGPT to file a court case.

Zachariah Crabill, who was hired to prepare a motion in a civil case, said he was “stressed out” and decided to use ChatGPT to generate the motion, including seemingly “impeccable” case law and citations. However, Crabill never read the AI cases that were cited in the paperwork. And, right before his hearing, discovered the cited cases from ChatGPT were either incorrect or totally made up.

Since Crabill failed to properly review the AI-generated content, the judge expressed concerns. The lawyer initially blamed a legal intern before later admitting to using ChatGPT.

Despite getting busted, Crabill has now set up his own law firm named Av{AI}lable Legal Solutions and said that AI is much like a virtual legal assistant, helping cut costs and level the playing field.

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Colorado lawyer fired, suspended from bar for using AI in court