The University of San Diego (USD) Launches New School of Law Website

The University of San Diego (USD) is proud to announce the launch of its new School of Law website on Thursday, April 4. This milestone event not only showcases the school’s commitment to providing a streamlined and user-friendly online experience but also marks the completion of ITS’ Camino transitions, an initiative that retrofitted all websites within the www domain to a new React-driven framework, providing a unified user experience across the institution.

The website incorporates a range of innovative features, including a comprehensive academics section, immersive multimedia content and a host of technical advancements aimed at enhancing accessibility and reliability.

The new website’s academics section acts as a gateway to the diverse range of degree options available at USD’s School of Law. Prospective students and visitors will find detailed information about the Juris Doctor (JD) program, as well as other degree options such as the Master of Laws (LLM) and various specialized programs including shared programs with peer USD schools. The site’s streamlined information architecture ensures that visitors can easily navigate through the wealth of academic offerings, making it simpler to find the information they need.

A hallmark of the new School of Law website is the incorporation of engaging multimedia content. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore student and professor profiles and watch captivating videos that highlight the school’s academic offerings, as well as showcase the beauty of the USD campus. These multimedia elements add depth and vibrancy to the website, further immersing visitors in the unique educational experience offered by the School of Law.

Recognizing the importance of providing easily accessible academic resources, the new website prominently features a new academic calendar tool. This tool serves as a central reference point for students, faculty and staff and can be accessed from the home page as well as multiple internal pages. Users can browse academic information by semester or year, ensuring that vital dates, descriptions, and other relevant details are readily available.

From a technical standpoint, the School of Law website incorporates numerous database-driven interfaces to optimize the display and reliability of information. The integration of MyPostings enables the seamless dissemination of news and events, while the Courses interface ensures up-to-date descriptions of law school classes. The USD directory facilitates easy access to faculty, staff and partners, while the inclusion of academic journalsstudy abroad optionsrecruitment calendarsscholarship and research resourcesstudent organizationsstudent scholarships, and exam schedules further enhance the website’s functionality.

With this new website, USD reaffirms its commitment to providing a cutting-edge educational environment for students, faculty and staff alike. Meanwhile, updates continue to be added to Camino, USD’s digital design system, and are tracked and announced via a changelog. If you maintain a website within the new system, be sure to bookmark the link and stay updated on new and exciting enhancements available to you.