We have launched our ‘Paw and Order: Dog Theft Reform’ campaign to raise awareness of the devastating issue of dog theft, an appalling crime with alarming impacts on both the dogs stolen and the nearly 200 families victim to this each month in the UK.


As well as the hugely concerning consequences for the health and welfare of the dogs stolen, pet theft also has emotional impacts for owners, who love and treat their dogs as family members. Emotional impacts that owners of stolen dogs have reported include depression, poor mental health, breakdown in social lives, and even marriage breakdown. It is only right that dog theft criminals face punishment which reflects the harm of their actions, rather than a minimal community order or small fine.

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We hope that you will support our Paw and Order campaign. You may wish to download our pet theft template letter – to send to your elected representative (including your MP and/or representative in your devolved administration) to show your support and to let them know how they can get involved.

You can also find our guide to letter writing and meeting with your parliamentary representative below.

Our guide to letter writing
Our guide to a successful meeting with parliamentary representatives
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