The Supreme People’s Court of China launches the Global China Law Platform with LexisNexis Greater China

A match made in heaven !

English followed by Mandarin below.

A speech delivered by Tyson Wienker, Managing Director of Greater China and North Asia at LexisNexis under the RELX Group on the launch of the “Faxin International Edition” platform


Distinguished Chief Grand Justice Mr. Zhou Qiang, all grand justices and guests,

Today, it is a great honor for me to deliver this speech here for the launch of the “Faxin International Edition” platform, delivered by LexisNexis Greater China.

During the Western Han period over two thousand years ago, the Hexi Corridor had connected China’s hinterland with Dunhuang, which is located at the edge of the desert, making it all the way to the broad Pamirs in the west. Since then, the Silk Road was built up, opening the door for more convenient communication across continents. Today, it is of great significance that the “Faxin International Edition” platform is going to be launched in this important city along the Silk Road.

The “Faxin International Edition” is the largest internet platform integrating Chinese laws, cases and information in both Chinese and English. This platform not only covers all the laws, regulations and important local regulations promulgated by China since 1949, but also includes instructive and authoritative cases selected from China’s court judgment documents, absorbing the wisdom from China’s most authoritative judicial experts.

It is a great honor for us to take part in the construction of the “Faxin International Edition” platform together with the People’s Court Press. By taking advantage of our data, technologies, human resources and markets globally, we will exert ourselves to build the “Faxin International Edition” platform into the first-ever big data platform globally that integrates the system of statute law and case law to satisfy demands of legal practitioners under different legal systems, and serve for the judicial mutual reference and cooperation among legal practitioners around the world.

With promoting the rule of law as our mission, the RELX Group has been collaborating actively with governments and experts from numerous countries and regions to offer specialized legal information service. RELX Group has set up a special project team, led by our top executives, to participate in the building of the “Faxin International Edition” platform. After the launch of the platform, the RELX Group will spare no effort in promoting it through our extensive network, channels and platforms in the world.

If the Silk Road played a significant role in facilitating commercial and cultural exchange between China and the Western world over two thousand years ago, the “Faxin International Edition”, which is launched today as China’s first-ever officially bilingual legal database platform available to global users, is undoubtedly the most authoritative way for legal professionals around the world to understand the progress and reform of China’s rule of law and advance China’s law-based culture. This platform will play a positive role in facilitating China’s efforts to spread its judicial culture to the world, serve for the Belt and Road Initiative and fully advance its overall strategy of law-based governance.

Finally, on behalf of the RELX Group, please allow me to extend our sincere congratulations to the successful launch of the “Faxin International Edition” platform. We look forward to ongoing fruitful relationships with the Supreme People’s Court of China.