The Offspring Beat Ex-Drummer’s Lawsuit Seeking Millions More From $35M Catalog Sale

Ron Welty claimed the band was trying to “erase” him from its history, but a judge said some of the allegations were “completely illogical.”

Los Angeles judge has handed The Offspring a victory in its long legal battle with former drummer Ron Welty, who claimed he was owed millions more in profits from the veteran punk band’s $35 million catalog sale.

Welty, the band’s drummer from 1987 to 2003, claimed that lead singer Bryan “Dexter” Holland tried to “erase” his contributions to The Offspring’s golden era, including by failing to pay him his rightful cut of the sale of the band’s rights to Round Hill Music in 2015.

But Judge William F. Fahey largely rejected his accusations after a bench trial last fall, calling some of Welty’s allegations “completely illogical.” And in a final ruling on Monday (March 6), the judge sided with The Offspring on all remaining claims.

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