The Lawyer Mag’s Hot 100 Lawyers – UK List

This is what they say



Members of The Lawyer Hot 100 have just two things in common.

The first is excellence. Every year, our Hot 100 covers an incredibly diverse mix of legal professionals: scrappers from the rough and tumble of criminal law; sophisticated corporate dealmakers; intellectuals and silver-tongued advocates from barristers’ profession; the in-house counsel with the ear of their CEOs; associates rising to greatness; and even the occasional professional with no legal qualifications at all who is nevertheless showing the industry how to better itself. But whatever world they come from, they are all doing amazing work.

The second is relevance. In The Hot 100, talented young guns rub shoulders with eminent lawyers who have years of success behind them. What links those seasoned veterans with those at the start of their careers is that they are all of the present moment.The work they are doing is important NOW.