The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) Says Coronavirus Curfew Unconstitutional

The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) will on Monday move to court to challenge the curfew which began Friday evening saying it is not only unconstitutional but has also been abused by the National Police Service.

“Law Society of Kenya will move to Court on Monday to challenge the curfew which is not only unconstitutional but has been abused by the police,” said LSK President Nelson Havi.

LSK President Nelson Havi through a statement said that the curfew will aid in spreading the dreaded Coronavirus/Covid-19

It is evident that Covid-19 will be spread more by actions of police than of those claimed to have contravened the curfew,” said Havi.

Havi urged the members of the public are requested to document all incidences of aggravated assault by the police and forward the same to the Law Society of Kenya.

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While condemning the actions of the police officers caught assaulting Kenyan Citizens the LSK boss called upon the Cabinet Secretary for Interior and Co-ordination of National Government Dr Fred Matiangi to take personal responsibility and resign.

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“The National Police Service has no right or justification whatsoever substituting the penalty with corporal punishment. Their action amounts to aggravated assault,” added LSK President Nelson Havi.

The penalty for contravening a curfew is a fine of not more than Ksh 1,000 or imprisonment for not more than 3 months, or to both.

Law Society to move to court to challenge curfew