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The April 2020 issue of The Informed Librarian Online is now up at our web site.

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This month’s highlights:


This month’s column is by Howard Trace, director of the American Legion Library & Museum Division. He discusses self-service in libraries.
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Your library can be profiled here!
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Our latest profile is of the New York Society Library, New York, NY.
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Peiss, Kathy. Information Hunters: When Librarians, Soldiers, and Spies Banded Together in World War II Europe. New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2020. 296pp.


This article is written by Jennifer Fielding, Coordinator of Library Services for the Lawrence Campus at Northern Essex Community College in Massachusetts. Jennifer discusses the evolving pedagogy around identifying mis- and disinformation.

Coming next issue: Nathan Rosen returns as our special guest!


Academic Librarian Publishing Productivity: An Analysis of Skills and Behaviors Leading to Success

Core Knowledge and Specialized Skills in Academic Libraries

Finding the Finals Fairy: Outreach and stress release during finals

Leading Others To Lead: The Importance Of Staff Empowerment In Times Of Change

Meeting Users Where They Are

The New Library User: Machine Learning

A usability evaluation of Web user interface scrolling types

Virtual Reality: A Survey of Use at an Academic Library

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Application of Quality in Use Model to Evaluate the User Experience of Online Banking Software

Artificial Intelligence is Not the Future, It is the Now

Changes in Academic Libraries in the Era of Open Science

Data Security: The Misuse of Technology and Points of Vulnerability in Everyday Information System

Direct Effects of Knowledge Management Practices on Organizational Performance

Employee Information Security Practices: A Framework and Research Agenda

Keep the Books on the Shelves: Library Space as Intrinsic Facilitator of the Reading Experience

Opening Virtual Doors: Developing a Virtual Library Open House

Play-and-Learn Spaces: Leveraging Library Spaces to Promote Caregiver and Child Interaction

Supporting Library Operational Needs With In-House 3D Printing

Trends and Cycles in the Publication of Solo Papers in Business and Economics Journals

Usability Evaluation of a Library Website with Different End User Groups

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