The Guardian Reports That Russian Soldiers Are Contacting Lawyers To Highlight Conditions On The Frontline

The Guardian writes..

And in an interview, a Russian soldier who had fought near Kyiv, Kharkiv, and was now in eastern Ukraine, complained of exhaustion, saying he had even contacted a lawyer and complained that he had not seen his wife for months.

“I have been fighting in Ukraine since the start of the war, it has been over three months now,” Andrei, who serves with the 37th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade headquartered in Buryatia in Siberia, told the Guardian. “It is exhausting, my whole unit wants a break, but our leadership said they can’t replace us right now.”

His remarks are consistent with reports of Russian difficulties in rotating out its exhausted troops. Enlistment efforts have been hampered as Russia has not openly declared war against Ukraine. The Kremlin has continued to insist on calling it a “special military operation”.

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