The Future Of Law: Will Automation Win Out

This piece published at Harvard’s "Law Lab Blog"…. and entitled

Some scenes from the robots-vs.-lawyers future  highlights some of the future possibilities of the business of law.. unsurprisingly Susskind is involved..

They write:

We recently welcomed Richard Susskind and others at the Berkman Center. Susskind joined us for a discussion in the morning about technical requirements for software needed for our Vermont digital corporations project. Susskind is known for his description of a near-future of law where the legal services industry is radically changed by the completion of many legal tasks by computers. (Actually that’s only perhaps half the picture. The rest involves the divvying up of legal tasks among various providers to those who can most efficiently complete them).

Here are some examples of this trend toward automation.

My Latin isn’t too hot, but I think that means something to the effect of “the way of the future.” This company, based in Beijing, claims to be “distilling the power of a world-class law firm into software available to anyone in the world.” So far they are just in startup phase and looking to hire engineers, software developers, business analysts and “legal analysts.” Interestingly, the word “lawyer” doesn’t figure into their hiring priorities, and none of the three principals listed mentions experience as a lawyer.

The irony of the Chinese determining the future of law isn’t lost on any of us i should magine

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