The BIALL Awards and Bursaries Committee are now seeking nominations for the Wallace Breem Memorial Award.

The Wallace Breem Memorial Award is presented every two years and is sponsored by The Inner Temple and BIALL. The Award, worth £600, is designed to recognise especially good contributions to law librarianship, or provide financial assistance for special research or other projects at doctorate level or above. The broad terms of the Award allow the adjudication panel to consider the widest range of publications, projects in-hand or proposed, assistance with travel or research costs, and so on.

The Award was inaugurated in 1990 in memory of Wallace Breem, former librarian of The Inner Temple Library and a founder member of BIALL who, at various times, held the offices of Secretary, Treasurer, Chairman, Vice-President and President.

Nomination forms are available on request. You can find more information regarding past recipients here. Please do take a look soon and get forms submitted before the 27th May to be considered for the 2022 Award.

Many thanks

Stewart Spear

BIALL Awards & Bursaries Committee


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