Thank The Lord.. Even Slater & Gordon Are Fallible

Here’s a piece from Roll on Friday  illustrating that even at Slater & Gordon sometimes things go wrong…


Exclusive: Slater & Gordon lawyers left unable to log in to their computers for 8 weeks
Slater & Gordon’s plan to take over the world has encountered an error message.

The firm bought Fentons a year ago. But a source tells RollOnFriday that staff at legacy Fentons are spending 80% of their time “doing absolutely nothing” because they can’t access Slaters’ bespoke software. Instead they have been staring at the “blue screen of death”.

Staff do sometimes reach the login screen, but are then immediately booted off the system. The problem has apparently been going on for two months with the combined IT might of legacy Fentons, legacy Pannone and the S&G mothership unable to fix it. Despite presumably turning the computers off and on again thousands of times.

Group IT Head Jonathan Pangrazio told RollOnFriday the issue “has caused great frustration to the affected staff”. However he said “the disruptions have not impacted our clients” and that it is “an isolated problem”. Pangrazio said that Slater & Gordon is “investing heavily in the UK to establish our standard core applications platform” and that the firm expects “to transition all staff and groups onto this environment in phases over the coming 12 months”. Which means staff may only have to put up with their screens of death for, erm, another year.

Show a Fentons lawyer we care; print this off and take it round to them.