Texas Law firm gives away thousands of free masks

Events like this certainly sort the wheat from the chaff…

Thousands of people are breathing a huge sigh of relief thanks to a local law firm. The law firm of Herrman and Herrman sponsored a free face mask giveaway this morning at their offices on Third Street. The firm handed out 2,500 masks in just half an hour. Herrman and Herrman says they plan to hold more mask giveaways.

“You know, we’re just trying to give back. Community has been very, very good to us,” said attorney, Greg Herrman,”We’ve been very successful and it’s because of the community and so we’re just tyring to keep everybody safe , we’re tyring to give back and protect the lives of Corpus Christians.”

The law firm has ordered 50,000 more face masks because of the huge response Wednesday.
It will take them about three weeks to arrive.

Source:  https://www.kristv.com/news/coronavirus/law-firm-gives-away-thousands-of-free-masks