Ted Cruz Uses Campaign Funds To Buy His Own Books That He Got Paid A $320K Advance For Says Media Report

You can’t keep a dodgy geezer down!

Business Insider reports

  • His campaign spent $153,000 buying books in the two months after his book “One Vote Away: How A Single Supreme Court Seat Can Change History” was published.
  • He also received $320,000 in advance payment from his book’s publisher Regnery Publishing in 2020.
  • In April, a watchdog accused Cruz of using campaign funds to promote his book.
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Senator Ted Cruz may have used up $153,000 in campaign funds when he was running for senator last year to buy his own book, reported Forbes reporter Zach Everson on Monday.

In a 2020 Federal Election Commission (FEC) filing, Cruz’s campaign spent $153,000 at retailer Books-a-Million. It is not clear what books were purchased – the filing simply listed the purchase as “books.”

But the money was spent in the two months following the release of his book “One Vote Away: How A Single Supreme Court Seat Can Change History” on September 29, 2020.

According to the filing, the campaign spent $40,000 on October 15, two weeks after his book was published. In early November, it spent another $11,900. The biggest spend came on December 1, when his campaign spent $111,900 on books.

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