Technology and Security for Lawyers and Other Professionals The Basics and Beyond

Dr W. Kuan Hon, Of Counsel, Dentons, UK and an Editor, Encyclopedia of Data Protection and Privacy
Publication Date: June 2024 ISBN: 978 1 80392 392 5 Extent: c 610 pp
Technology proficiency is now a necessity for most professionals. In this very practical book, W. Kuan Hon presents a comprehensive foundational guide to technology and cybersecurity for lawyers and other non-technologists seeking a solid grounding in key tech topics. Adopting a multidisciplinary approach, elucidating the high-level basics then going a step beyond, Hon clearly explains core technical computing subjects: hardware/software, computing models/APIs, data storage/databases, programming, networking including Internet/web, email and mobile, and AI/machine learning including LLMs, detailing cybersecurity essentials and flagging various security/privacy-related issues throughout.