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Publishing / Product & Market News?

Press Release: LexisNexis SA to publish A Practical Guide to Media Law

Press Release: ALM Debuts New Site Using Forbes Platform ?Article: Major Lead Generation Company Makes Significant Changes

Deputy Blawg?

Press Release: Four Untapped Social Media Channels Law Firms Can’t Ignore

Press Release: Legal Marketing Consultant Adrian Dayton to Launch Social Media App for Attorneys

Press Release: LegalRSS adds more marketing benefits

Legal vendors miss opportunities to reach customers via blogs and social media

Why Is Legal Blogging A Necessary Part Of Smart SEO Strategy For Lawyers


Article: ABA Journal: Generation X’s impact on the legal industry | A blogger shares his wife’s lung cancer struggle

World Digital Library Grows To 10,000 Items

BIALL Bursaries

New Products & Publications?



Unlimited Priorities Releases e-Book on Copyright Law

Workshops & Conferences / Events 2014

Ebooks and Econtent 2014: Beyond Ebooks

Law Books: History & Connoisseurship – Summer Course, Rare Book School at the University of Virginia?SLA:

Love it or hate it, as the sixth most visited website in the world Wikipedia is one source that researchers and information service professionals should not ignore.
Legal Technology Insider News
Microsoft XP – LSSA warns law firms to be vigilant against cyber threats & keep technology up to date
Comment: Are UK Law Firms Imprisoned by Data Security?
The Future of Print – digital signatures, smart dust and tattoos!