Swiss voters approve Covid-19 law for third time

A clear majority of citizens has backed an extension of Switzerland’s emergency Covid-19 law until 2024. It is the third time that a referendum opposing Covid-19 legislation has been rejected at the ballot box.

In all, 61.9% of voters on Sunday approved an extension of the country’s emergency Covid-19 law, according to the final results.

With Covid-19, we are continuing to ensure that the authorities can act quickly in the event of an emergency to protect public health and particularly vulnerable people,” declared Centre Party parliamentarian Lorenz Hess after the result.

Covid-19 is already ancient history for many people: the government lifted the last sanitary measures a little over a year ago, and in everyday life the number of people wearing masks on public transport has dwindled. But a decision last December by parliament to extend the validity of the Covid-19 law until June 2024 sparked opposition and a referendum launched by two citizens’ movements – Mass-Voll and Amis de la Constitution.


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