Surprise Surprise Gorsuch Ends Up On Supreme Court

7 April 2017

Nobody following the nomination process can be surprised that the GOP now have him on the court after the change of Senate voting rules for Justices ( and  OR Sen Jeff Merkley’s marathon speech / filibuster) are Johnny’s on the spot with two informative pieces

Gorsuch’s SCOTUS Vote Could Soon Prove Decisive on Many Cases

The final round of arguments in the U.S. Supreme Court this month will give new Justice Neil Gorsuch opportunities to reveal how he would deal with a range of issues, including government support of religious institutions and requirements for securities and product liability claims. READ MORE »

Welcome to the Fire Hose: What Awaits Gorsuch at the Supreme Court

Now that he’s been confirmed by the Senate, incoming U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch won’t have much time for celebrating and reflecting on his new job. He’ll need to get to work. READ MORE »