Stanford’s China Guiding Cases Project – Latest Update

A worthwhile place to donate to as they will be one of the few places you can relay on China legal info….Here’s their latest update

Summer is here but the China Guiding Cases Project (“CGCP”) is not resting!

NEW GUIDING CASES ARE AVAILABLE.  The seventh batch of GCs was just released.  This batch includes China’s first two GCs on anti-unfair competition law, one of which covers trademark infringement and is the longest GC.  This batch is unusual in that its GCs were not released on the same day (To see more analysis, please refer to Guiding Cases AnalyticsTM  by clicking here).

NOW RECRUITING new CGCP Editors and CGCP Junior Fellows.  We have different roles for Chinese and English native speakers.  Knowledge of Chinese is preferred but not required.   IT knowledge and website development skills are greatly valued.  For more information, see .

SHARING OUR GOOD WORK.  Thanks to many parties’ support, our director Mei Gechlik has had the opportunities to speak about the CGCP and GCs at various institutions over the past several months.  They include Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, New York University, Georgetown University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the Stanford Club in Hong Kong.

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