Socialist Rule of Law Vs Capitalist Rule of Law

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Dean Zhu Suli, Beida Law School, recently delivered a talk to "high rank of political and legal cadres" (gaoji zhengfa ganbu), during which he compared socialist rule of law and capitalist rule of law, see:

Dean Zhu tried to rationalize the concept of socialist rule of law in Chinese context and theorize the current  practice and order. 

I was led to read his paper by his colleague Gong Renren who published an article criticizing his distortion of the concept, see

Actually there are a series of papers commenting, in the sense of criticism (piping, or pipan), Zhu’s speech, see footnotes of Gong Renren’s article and

For your information, several scholars from Beida Law School, such as Jiang Shigong and Chen Duanhong, recently have published a few interesting papers, all trying to provide a kind of explanations and justifications for the current political and legal order. Interesting to keep an eye on the development.
Guobin Zhu
CityU Law School, Hong Kong