Social Media & Business In 2009

We wrote our editorial in LLN/eu yesterday .. and although it wasn’t quite as evangalistic as the following… 

It’s a warning to publishers .. and in our sphere the legal publishing houses better sit up and take notice very quickly before events overtake them.. we also said yesterday in our editorial that as budgets become tighter people will ook for novel new ways to garner and share information at a minimum cost


Faster Future blog writes:


2009: The Year Realisation Dawns
2009 is the year the realisation dawns that social media is already bigger than all other media put together, because more people spend more time participating in it than is spent consuming any and all other kinds.

I mean that the stats which, for the past and present, are already staggering, will start to reflect the truth that many of our daily lives bear witness to – less TV, less print, less broadcast; more social media, more networks more of our time. More of ourselves, personally invested.

It is the year when even those sat plumb in the centre will be unable to deny that our mass migration to and participation in social media is much more than simply where and how we are entertained and informed.
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