Smokeball survey reveals law firms with 50 or fewer employees, “77% of those firms use five or fewer unique software products and legal research is where most of the $’s are spent”

Law Sites dives into the report and look who’s raking the most money out of them.. it’s either Lexis or TR in the main. ….Plus Ca Change

The majority of law firms use just five or fewer unique software products, according to a legal industry study published today by the law practice management company Smokeball.

The study, How Technology is Changing the Legal Industry in 2023, which surveyed law firms of 50 or fewer employees, finds that 77% of those firms use five or fewer unique software products.

The smaller the firm, the higher this percentage goes. Among solos, 89% use five or fewer products. In firms of 2-10 lawyers, 86% use five or fewer products. Even in firms of 26 or more lawyers, half use just five or fewer products.

Using fewer products is a good thing, the report says, because too many platforms can create disparate web of software clutter and result in different tools with overlapping functionality. Scattered systems, the report says, raises the risk of overlooked tasks or missed deadlines, and can hurt productivity and increase tech burnout.

What are the legal tech products firms are most likely to use?

According to the survey, the most popular are:

  • Legal research, 61%.
  • Video conferencing, 61%.
  • Microsoft Office suite, 53%.
  • Document management, 47%.
  • Accounting, 43%.
  • Payment processing, 36%.
  • Practice management or case management, 34%.
  • Teams or Slack, 29%.
  • Document automation, 26%.
  • Client portal, 25%.
  • Client text messaging, 23%.
  • E-discovery, 22%.
  • Google Workspace, 13%.
  • Trial tech, 11%.
  • Reputation management, 10%.


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